What is a Risk Purchasing Group?

Risk Purchasing Groups (RPGs) are authorized by the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986. An RPG is a group of policyholders with similar risks (a homogeneous group) who group together to purchase liability insurance from traditional insurance companies.

A RPG is not an insurance company, the RPG and its members bare no risk. The RPG is essentially a vehicle for its members to purchase insurance from insurance companies on a group basis. Members of the RPG benefit from highly competitive pricing based on the group purchasing power of the RPG.

The members of the RPG do not share any insurance limits between other members; each member gets their own limits of insurance.

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About Us

You will not find a more experienced team of professionals working on your business.  As a result, you will enjoy the following value-added benefits that most brokers are seeking from their wholesale provider.

  • Expertise
    Our team of advisors concentrate on delivering the best umbrella products in the marketplace.
  • Phenomenal Pricing
    Our program pricing can make the difference for your account.
  • Reliability
    when you submit a piece of business to AURA, you are guaranteed to receive an acknowledgement of receipt and status updates along the way.  You can also rest assured that our staff follows detailed procedures and workflows to ensure that coverage, premium, administration and claims matters do not fall through the cracks - unique in the wholesale world.
  • Efficiency
    We don’t ask for unnecessary information. If we ask for it, we need it to get you the best quote.
  • Expediency
    We know how to get things done quickly.  As the umbrella is often the last piece of the coverage puzzle, we know that time is of the essence. Our team has years of retail experience. We understand and we are ready to deliver for you.
  • Creativity
    We can get things done that others simply cannot. - Our extensive experience handling complex excess liability exposures and programs enables us to work with carrier underwriters to get things done.
  • Markets
    We work with the world’s leading insurance carriers
  • Enthusiasm
    We are excited about what we do and you will enjoy working with our team. We are as motivated as you are and we are excited about the opportunity have an ongoing relationship with you and your office.
Mission & Vision


We are here to help you to protect your clients’ assets with comprehensive and competitive coverage solutions, all in an effort to help you write and retain business for your firm. We do so with utmost professionalism, promptness and creativity.


We are an integral resource to our broker and agent partners. Essentially, an extension of their own operations, with the expertise they rely on to provide extraordinary service and differentiating insurance solutions for the benefit of their clients and their own organizations.

Executive Team

Ken Hager

Ken began his insurance career more than 29 years ago at JGS Insurance, the parent company of AURA. He has been an active supporter and board member of numerous community and professional associations such as The Kiwanis Club, Tinton Falls Board of Education and Community Associations Institute to name a few. Ken has also provided his services to the advisory councils of several national insurance carriers. Ken's current role as President of AURA is in addition to his current role as Chief Operating Officer of JGS since 1997. Since that time he has been a guiding force in the direction and success of the JGS enterprise which consists of AURA, Preferred Property Programs, Preferred Property Risk Purchasing group and a number of other subsidiaries. . Throughout the years, Ken has remained engaged with his customers and intently focused on their needs. He intently understands the risks associated with his clients operations and has been uniquely able to offer them superior solutions to their business needs.

Vincent Hager
Vice President

Vincent Hager is the President of JGS Insurance located in Holmdel, New Jersey and serves as Vice President of AURA. Vincent has over 25 years of experience in the Insurance Industry. He has specialized in insuring community associations throughout the United States and holds the Community Insurance and Risk Management (CIRMS) designation from the Community Associations Institute. CIRMS designees have made a commitment to continuing education and must adhere to a professional code of ethics. Vincent holds an insurance license in all 50 states. He has authored articles in both local and national publications and has been a featured speaker nationally. He actively serves on boards that serve the Community Association industry. His knowledge of the industry has earned him the reputation as one of the best resources in the industry on insuring community associations.

Tom Clementi
Program Director

Tom began his insurance career in 1992 with a mid-size independent property and casualty agency as an Account Executive. In 1996, Tom joined a large regional broker where he was involved with the development and operation of “niche” market programs. Since 1999, Tom has been one of the most proficient operators of real estate purchasing groups in the nation. With years of valuable programs experience, Tom was responsible for establishing best-in-class service platforms for two large purchasing group firms before launching AURA with Ken in 2006. Tom heads AURA’s day-to-day operations in our Hallandale Florida home office.

Tom is a graduate of the State University of New York at Oneonta where he earned a B.S. in Political Science / Economics. He lives in South Florida with his wife and two children.


WELCOME TO AURA.  We are pleased to serve you.

AURA is a program administrator for umbrellas for commercial and habitational real estate and hotels/motels risk, offering limits from $5 mill to $100 mill.

For years, our team has been providing best-in-class umbrella liability programs to the Real Estate industry.  Our high-limit Real Estate Risk Purchasing Group program provides phenomenal pricing and coverage terms to a wide range of real estate segments.  In fact, we pride ourselves on being able to help you with many exposures that are not readily acceptable in other programs.

Over time, we have worked with our underwriters and clients to adapt to changing market conditions and service requirements.  As a result, AURA remains one of the most successful real estate programs in the nation.  We will not rest on our laurels and we are constantly working to find new ways to add value to the operations of our partner brokers and agents.

Many of our long-time clients have asked us to become a resource for a wider range of excess liability exposures.  We responded quickly and we are now providing umbrella / excess liability solutions for risks in a wide variety of industries.  In order to achieve this objective, we added staff with significant carrier experience in the area of complex excess liability insurance, further demonstrating our commitment to providing the highest level of expertise to our clients.

Steadily, we are achieving our vision with more and more brokers and agents.  For many, we are their Umbrella Solution - as if we were sitting in the next office.

We look forward to working with you.