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  • You need to provide your real estate client with their own, dedicated insurance policy, high limits, coverage for JVs, LLCs, and partnerships, a per location aggregate, third party discrimination, employed lawyers E&O, updated pollution extensions, and big premium savings.

    AURA can get it done!
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AURA Real Estate Umbrella Program
Download a copy of our AURA Umbrella Application from the link in the left lower window of this screen or click here to go to our online web application.
Submission Requirements

Time is money. We don’t want to waste yours. We are happy to review your primary Acords and / or location spreadsheets to generate a preliminary indication.

Requirements for a Formal Quote

  • Acord Applications (Applicant Information (Acord 125) and Umbrella Liability (Acord 131))
  • AURA Program Supplemental Application (The app. does NOT need to be signed for a quote.  The app. needs to be signed if we bind coverage
    • For single location accounts - Page #5 "Locations Questions" must be completed.
    • For accounts with multiple locations an Excel spreadsheet of Locations with the COPE (Construction-Occupancy-Protection-Exposure) information is acceptable.
  • Three (3) years of currently valued carrier or TPA General Liability Loss Runs.
    • If there are any owned autos, (3) years of currently valued auto loss runs are required.
    • If Liquor Liability coverage is desired under the umbrella, (3) years of currently valued Liquor Liability loss runs are required.
  • If we bind coverage, copies of quotes or binders for all applicable underlying liability policies are required.

For New Purchases

  • If available, three (3) years of currently valued General Liability loss runs from the seller.
    • If loss runs are not available, we would like to see a photograph of the location.
  • If available, a copy of a recently completed property survey or inspection report.

For New Construction

  • Written confirmation that all major construction operations are completed (or will be prior to binding).
  • Copy of the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy or Final Certificate of Occupancy.
  • If available, a photograph of the completed building.
  • If available, a copy of a recently completed property survey or inspection report.

Follow-form coverages available (subject to exclusions and limitations)

General Liability
Automobile Liability
Employers Liability
Employee Benefits Liability
Liquor Liability
Directors and Officers Liability (for residential condos and coops)

Customized Policy Forms

Our policy's terms, conditions and definitions are tailored to meet the unique needs of the real estate industry.  These features minimize the need for mid-term changes to the umbrella and it minimizes the chance of errors, omissions and gaps in coverage.

Broad Definition of Insured - Recognizes the insured as a member of the RPG.  Automatically covers partnerships, JVs and LLCs if related to the insured's business and covered locations.

Per location aggregate wording built in to the coverage - subject to handling by the underlying policy

Third Party Discrimination - Because of their diverse nature, companies with large real estate portfolios may be exposed to third-party discrimination risks.  Our enhanced third party discrimination coverage is provided regardless of whether scheduled underlying insurance provides such coverage

Professional Liability - On-site services such as spas and salons create potential professional liability exposures which traditional coverage may not adequately cover. Our enhanced coverage applies to all resultant Bodily Injury or Property Damage arising out of professional services performed by or on behalf of the Insured. Coverage also extends to financial loss resulting from the wrongful acts of an insured's Employed Lawyers.

Pollution enhancement - Our enhanced coverage allows for extended time to discover and report a pollution claim and for additional possible exposures such as pesticides, herbicides, pool maintenance chemicals, and carbon monoxide. Our enhanced pollution coverage is provided regardless of whether scheduled underlying insurance provides such coverage.

CrisisResponse® - a built-in enhancement that grants insured 24/7 access to claims experts, immediate funds, the nation's leading public relations and crisis management firms in the event of a catastrophic casualty crisis

Limit Options: $5,000,000 - $100,000,000
Territory: Available in all 50 states on an admitted basis.
Carriers: AM Best A (Excellent) or better
Eligible Classes:
Commercial1 Habitational Hospitality
Shopping Centers Apartment Complexes Limited Service Hotels
Enclosed Malls2 Condominiums / Coops Timeshares
Office Buildings Homeowners Associations  
Warehouses Planned Unit Developments  
Light Industrial    
1Commercial exposures are lessor’s risk only
2Enclosed Malls up to 1 million square feet

After working with AURA, you will likely find that we are able to handle the broadest array of real estate exposures, some with risk characteristics that other programs cannot write. This is because we work closely with our carriers to develop a decision making process that is based on logical considerations rather than arbitrary parameters.

We are confident that you will not find another program as easy to work with in the industry. Ease of use and reliability are keys to your success - and ours.